Make Your Home Look Elegant With These 5 Window Design Ideas

As you may have known, windows were designed to bring natural light in. We also open our windows to aerate our house when cleaning.

However, you may not realize that your window can also help improve your house’s curb appeal.

Consider implementing these five window design ideas if you want to have an elegant-looking house:

Casement Windows

These are long and expansive windows that operate by turning a crank. They are ideal if you live in a country with hot climates, as casement windows provide natural ventilation. Just open the windows inwards and angle them to steer the natural breeze into your home.

For us at Maid Sailors Home Cleaning Services NYC, we love casement windows as they are easy to clean. It also requires less maintenance and is energy-efficient.

The only caveat is that casement windows are not recommended for houses with centralized air conditioning.

Awning Windows

It is similar to casement windows, except it has hinges on top. They also open outward to allow ventilation and natural light in.

You can install awning windows in confined spaces like the kitchen and bathroom. That’s because it allows you to maximize the ventilation without letting the rainwater in. This also explains why an awning window is ideal if you live in a country with damp weather conditions.

However, this can be challenging to clean since it opens outwards. You cannot use it as an emergency escape option either.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are highly recommended if you want to replace your old windows with something aesthetic. It is called such because they appear like a picture frame.

This also means you cannot open and close these windows. Picture windows are designed to let natural light in and provide you with an expansive view of the outdoors.

That said, it is best to install picture windows where you will see the best view. However, you have to ensure that your space is well ventilated, as such windows are stationary.

Single Hung and Double Hung Windows

Are you looking for a practical yet straightforward window? Consider installing a single-hung or double-hung window.

The only difference between these hung windows is the number of operable sashes that slide upward or downward.

Pros of Installing a Single Hung Window

  • Affordability
  • Easy to install

Cons of Installing a Single Hung Window

  • Less air circulation
  • Only available in small sizes

Pros of Installing a Double Hung Window

  • Easy to access and clean
  • Energy-efficient and better ventilation

Cons of Installing a Double Hung Window

  • Expensive and requires regular maintenance
  • Not as air-tight as other windows

Despite the pros and cons, hung windows are functional, energy-efficient, and allow proper ventilation.

Bay or Bow Windows

If you plan to expand a small space, a bay or bow window is for you.

Bay windows are made up of three windows in varying sizes, creating a rounded appearance. Meanwhile, bow windows are composed of three to six windows of equal measure, exuding a clean and streamlined look.

Bay or bow windows are ideal for small spaces and can be combined with other designs. Aside from creating extra space, such a window also allows natural light and air to come in.

From classic Victorian to modern minimalist, windows have come a long way. But what remains is their purpose of brightening up a space and making it look elegant.