What can you do about a noisy faucet?


A noisy faucet can be more irritating than anything. The noise of a noisy faucet can make your entire family nervous. A noisy faucet is easily fixed without the need to call a professional plumber.

Why is there so much noise?

There may be many reasons your faucet is making an unpleasant sound, but here are some things you can do to find out the reason.


A noisy faucet could be caused by mineral deposits in the aerator. This can be checked by unscrewing the aerator, and running the water. You can replace the aerator if you notice that the noise has stopped.

Washers that are worn out

Faucet noses can be caused by washers that have become worn or aren’t the right size. This issue can be fixed by turning off the water and then taking apart the faucet to replace the washers.

Too high water pressure

Your pipes may be singing if your water pressure exceeds 80 psi. A pressure gauge can be used to quickly test your water pressure. If your water pressure is too high, a pressure regulator might be required.

A new plumbing system

Older homes may have pipes that are too small or have had blockages over time. The water makes a lot of noise trying to get in. You may not want to do this DIY project if your pipes need to be replaced.

Some expert advice

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