What to expect on moving day – A step-by-step guide to using removalists

Using professional removalists for the heavy lifting makes the process easier, but it’s normal to feel nervous too. Knowing what to expect can help you plan and stay sane on this stressful day. The night before, gather essentials you’ll need right away in a “survival kit” – basic toiletries, medications, chargers, snacks, change of clothes, etc. Pack suitcases for each family member. 

  • On a moving day, dismantle the beds and furniture you’re taking. Empty drawers, but leave cabinets in place if possible. Ensure appliances are defrosted and dry.
  • Have a box of supplies ready – tape, scissors, labels, blankets. Set aside cleaning supplies too for after unpacking.
  • Designate boxes for each room in your new home. It helps movers know what goes where. Use color-coded labels on boxes if desired.
  • Protect valuables like cash, jewelry, and important files in a lockbox only you retain access to.

Removalists arrive and walk through the home

Your removal team will arrive in a truck large enough to fit your belongings. Expect 2-3 removalists, but larger crews for big houses. They’ll do a walkthrough and ask questions to coordinate the move efficiently. Point out any fragile items needing special care. Workers will bring dollies, furniture pads, and other moving equipment inside. They’ll start packing the truck back-to-front – boxes in the rear and furniture upfront.

Packing and loading the truck

Proficient removalists work quickly to get you loaded up. Allow at least 2-4 hours for packing time, not including drive time to your destination. They will wrap and pad furniture, secure TVs on dollies, and safely load everything into the truck. Items should be packed snugly to prevent shifting during transport. For interstate removals from removalists Melbourne to Sydney, vehicles are GPS-tracked for security and route optimization. Relax while your removal team handles the hard labor! Offer drinks and snacks to keep workers fueled. Now is a good time for kids and pets to leave too.

Inspect each room before departing

Do a final walkthrough of every room once empty. Look inside closets, cabinets, attics, and storage areas. Ensure nothing gets left behind accidentally. Don’t be shy about rechecking anything you’re unsure of. Your removalists expect and appreciate this. Turn off lights, and lock windows and doors. Drive your family and survival kit essentials to your new house. If shipping your car, confirm how and when it will arrive. During the drive, call ahead to update your removalist ETA. This allows them to schedule unpacking and arranging your new place.

Arriving at your new home

When you get to the new house, use your survival kit to make beds, set up Wi-Fi, and settle in. Kids may appreciate blowing up air mattresses and making indoor campsites. Perform an empty house walkthrough like you did at the old house. Plan where furniture should go and discuss with movers when they arrive. The removal truck will pull up shortly after you arrive. They’ll need your direction on room assignments and where to place items. Once the movers leave, put goods away in drawers and closets at your leisure.