All About Spiders – Interesting Facts, Fun Trivia, and More!


Spiders are an exciting topic to write about, but there are many different spiders out there and many other facts about them to consider. How do you know where to start? This article will provide you with some tips on how to write a proper spider-based essay, as well as some good information to help get you started! First off, we’ll talk about what spiders are. If you don’t already know, they’re arachnids! Click here to learn more!

What do spiders eat?

Some spiders eat other insects for food. Black widow spiders, for example, will use their powerful neurotoxin to incapacitate their prey and then eat it. A few others may feed on plants or scavenge for organic matter in the environment.

How big do they get?

Depending on the species, spiders can range from small to large. The size of a spider can be measured in terms of inches or centimeters. Some spiders reach an average length of two to three inches. That is not the largest spider; there are reports of giant house spiders which grow up to four or five inches long.

How to control it?

For some spider problems, it might not be possible to solve them in a home environment. For example, if you have a brown recluse or hobo spider infestation, then the safest thing for you to do is call an exterminator. The best way to avoid these spiders altogether is by making sure that your house has good ventilation so that spiders don’t feel comfortable living inside of it. If there are any cracks in your walls or windowsills where a spider could get into your house, seal them up with caulk. 

-Caulk cracks around window and door frames 

-Install weather stripping around doors and windows 

-Apply insect repellent around doorways (careful not to spray any directly on furniture)


In conclusion,  spiders are fascinating creatures that deserve to be respected. They are hard workers, they build webs to catch prey for food, they don’t want to hurt us (most of the time), and they help keep the insect population down. It’s important to learn about them so that we can appreciate their beauty without fear. The next time you see a spider, think about all the good things it does and get to know its life cycle before you decide what kind of spider it is. I hope this helped you learn more about spiders! Visit our website to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our blog.