Why choose Lutron motorised shading for your home?

Lutron motorised shading

If you’re looking for a convenient way to achieve the perfect lighting solution in your home, advanced technology now has the answer. With systems such as Lutron, you can enjoy the optimum levels of natural light in your home, no matter the time of day or the time of year. Here are just a few of the reasons to choose Lutron motorised shading.

  1. Regulate natural light

Extensive research shows that exposure to natural light is good for us. It helps maintain our sleep/waking cycles and enhances our mood. With Lutron motorised shading, you can enjoy the maximum amount of natural light in your home without lifting a finger. Your blinds can be scheduled to open and close at specific times of day to suit your routine, and these schedules can be adjusted at the touch of a button. 

  1. Avoid excessive sun exposure

When the sun is at its brightest, you may want to protect your furniture, artwork or other domestic items from exposure. Perhaps the sun sets at such an angle in midsummer that it’s hard to watch TV in the evening. Whatever the reason, you can adjust your motorised shading according to your needs. Shades can be tilted, raised or lowered as necessary, and can be programmed to half-lower, for example, between the hours of 11am and 2pm to prevent rooms overheating or furniture being damaged from sun exposure. Your Lutron Certified installers can help you set schedules and adjust programming when they install the system. 

  1. Improve security

Motorised shading isn’t simply about convenience. When you’re away from home, it’s a good idea to make your house seem occupied as it reduces the risk of break-ins. Motorised shading works while you’re on holiday, keeping to regular routines that make it appear as if someone is home and adding an additional layer of security to your property.

  1. Integrate into your whole-home system

Those looking for smart lighting installation in Kent often require their shading to integrate with other aspects of their home automation, such as electric lighting. This is simple with systems such as Lutron and Control4, and delivers the optimal overall lighting whatever your activity. You can, for example, programme your blinds to close and your electric lighting to illuminate during the evening so you can continue your activities without having to manually adjust shading. A combined solution also helps to save energy, so that electric lighting only comes on when absolutely necessary. 

  1. Personalise your shading

With Lutron, not only can you personalise your in-home experience, you can also choose from a wide range of shading colours, materials and textures to match your decor. From curtain track systems and roman blinds to roller shades and wood blinds with Intelligent Tilt Alignment, you can select solutions that perfectly complement your interiors. 

Contact a Lutron Certified installer today to achieve optimum natural light in your home.