Selecting the Best Roofing Material

Repairing roofs is an excellent place to begin when embarking on a new home improvement project. It not only increases a structure’s overall appeal, but it could additionally enhance the safety of individuals who live within it. People may think of a whole renovation rather than repairing small issues.

You might also investigate new roofing materials. With so many options and styles to pick from, determining what is best may be challenging. Each approach has advantages, but only a few are appropriate for everyone. Talk with a roofer in Montgomery, IL, like Amenity Roofing, to make the best decision.

Metal Roofs

Metal is utilized to build this type of roof. A lot of people choose this option since it demands less maintenance. Metal is resistant to the elements and can even withstand tree falls. It may make your home more environmentally friendly based on its construction and thickness.

The most significant drawback of a metal roof is that it may cost more than other materials. Metal roofs may also make rain appear louder, which may annoy some individuals.

Roofing Shingles

Asphalt roofs, which are the most prevalent form of roofing, are simple to install. In addition, because shingles are more adaptable than traditional materials, they may be utilized in any home. Asphalt shingles are more colorful, making it easier to add a “wow” effect to your home when you’d like it to stand out. While not as robust as metal, asphalt can withstand wind and even fire.

Moisture accumulation on asphalt roofs may quickly lead to the growth of mold and mildew. If it continues to spread and penetrate your house, it may cause a slew of health problems. Additionally, while an asphalt roof can withstand wind, other weather conditions, such as snow or severe rains, might cause it to deteriorate over time.


This roofing material, also known as “Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer,” is a rubber substitute. EPDM roofs, which are commonly utilized in commercial settings, are suitable for structures with mild slopes. They are an excellent choice because of their high resilience to the elements and UV radiation. They are also offered in a range of thicknesses, making them ideal for reducing energy use.

Rubber roofing is challenging to install. It can only bear a certain amount of weight, making it dangerous to stand on, and it may be damaged by severe snowfall. Over time, sunlight can trigger EPDM roofs to compress and distort.

Consult a Roofing Contractor

These are only a few examples of the numerous designs available. Other alternatives for homes and companies include:

  • Boral
  • Solar
  • Stone-Coated Metal
  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin

Before you choose a roofing material, make sure the roofer you select can manage the style you want. Some contractors only use one or two substances, whilst others use a range.

As a consequence, Amenity Roofing is an excellent choice for Montgomery, IL. They understand that not every customer has the same requirements or preferences. As a consequence, they have informed clients that they are capable of repairing and installing any of the above-mentioned materials. They place a high value on client satisfaction. As a result, their goal is to keep everyone as a client.

You will cooperate in designing your new and enhanced roof after signing an agreement with them. You have complete control over everything from the material to the final appearance. They will nevertheless provide you recommendations if they do not believe that specific roofing would benefit you in the long term.

Every roof they assist in the installation comes with a lifetime warranty, which means you can rest certain that they will help you if your roof is damaged. They also work with your insurance carrier to ensure that more of your construction expenditures are covered while staying within your budget.

If you’ve elected to replace your roof, think about all of your alternatives carefully. Hiring Amenity Roofing to assist you with the project may enable you to go above and beyond the basic possibilities. Call them right now for a no-obligation price quotation on your ideal roof.