4 Tips To Help You Find High-Quality Area Rugs!  

If you’re currently shopping for new area rugs to place within your home, then you’re likely starting to realize just how many options are available to you online. Online rug shopping has become incredibly popular in recent years, but there’s no denying that there are some factors about rug shopping that must be conducted in-person.

We’ve partnered up with the experienced rug industry specialists at Rug Source to help us develop this comprehensive list of 4 very important tips that rug shoppers should keep in mind while trying to find high-quality area rugs. There are always going to be knockoffs and other cheaper options that won’t provide the same durability and longevity as first-class area rugs, so here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re looking for quality rugs!

Examining Knots Per Square Inch (KPSI)

KPSI refers to the overall number of knots that are found within a square inch of the rug’s makeup, which is a big factor to keep in mind that’s directly connected to an area rug’s overall durability, density and design clarity. In general, you can count on more knots equaling higher overall rug quality.

This is partly because a rug with a lower KPSI will have a looser weave, which isn’t that great when you want an area rug that’ll stand up to everyday foot traffic in your home for decades to come.

So when you’re looking for high-quality area rugs, one of the first and foremost specs you should consider is the rug’s KPSI!

Design Details

Handmade area rugs always take an enormous amount of time and attention to detail in order to complete, and there are many unique designs that will come from many different regions of Asia and other parts of the world.

What’s truly spectacular about high-quality area rugs is that many of them will feature incredibly sharp design details, and some will even feature cultural motifs and storylines within the design. This is always one heck of a conversation starter for your house parties!

Premium Wool Materials

Another major factor to keep in mind while on the hunt for high-quality area rugs is the rug’s actual material makeup, and no other material comes even close to the overall quality of natural wool. This is why you should really only consider rugs that are made from wool and nothing else.

There will be many other more affordable rug options out there that are made of synthetic materials that look a lot like wool, but these generally aren’t worth the savings because they won’t be as strong as wool.

The Rug’s Color

Rug color is always a personal choice when it comes to rug shopping, but you should still take it as a pretty serious factor to keep in mind. Your new area rug’s color should match your room’s existing aesthetics, and it also should simply be a color that you’ll like looking at on a daily basis.

Most high-quality area rugs are only made from natural dyes, so it’s important to ask rug vendors and dealers if a rug you’re interested in was made from natural dyes. Natural dyes are always more durable and won’t fade like chemical counterparts, so rug color plays a major role in the rug’s overall quality.

Contact The Area Rug Specialists at Rug Source To Learn More Shopping Tips!

What’s great about shopping for area rugs via vendor like Rug Source is that you’ll get unparalleled customer support as compared to other online outlets. If you have any questions or concerns at all about a specific product, experienced specialists will be just a phone call away.

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