5 Ways To Make Your Home Office In Georgia Look More Attractive

Do you have a designated space to run your business, work from home, or simply organize your schedule and bills? Your home office should reflect the comfort and design of the rest of your home while serving as a place where you would willingly want to stay and be productive.

Many home offices tend to be rather neglected—unfriendly or messy spaces are bad for inspiration and motivation, eventually driving people into working in spaces that are meant for other functions, such as the couch, kitchen, or even in bed.

Here are all the ways that you can update or create your very own gorgeous home office space in Georgia:

Go chic

Your space needs to reflect your unique and wonderful personality while inspiring you to do your best. Never be afraid of going all the way to get the result that you want. If you want a functional and fashionable space that reflects your chic personality, you can paint the walls in a monochrome color to add some depth while keeping your office items neat and organized through storage units and boxes.

One way to glam it all up is to get some extra light into the room! A gorgeous chandelier can give your office a professional yet luxurious feel while installing high-quality steel windows can invite in some extra natural light. It’s the best way to make your space look more open, airy, and aesthetically appealing.

Add some green

Breathing life into your office space will help make you want to stay there for longer periods of time. A balanced home office is comfortable, clean, ergonomic, and practical. A gorgeous little plant can help you keep the air clean while making you feel calm. Get a small planter for your desk or a few hanging flower pots above your steel window.

If you have a balcony attached to your home office, you can maximize your view of the gorgeous outdoor area by installing some airy French doors! Throw them open every morning to let in the breeze and let the view of your backyard through these window-esque doors soothe you in the middle of work.

Get artsy

Even if you’re just working with boring numbers all day, decorating your space with art and images that energize your space can help you feel motivated enough to get through anything. You can either create your own artwork and get it framed or search for your favorite artists and support them by buying their work.

One great way of displaying your artwork is by creating panels of it alongside your steel door. It’s a great way of making your space look modern and unique while making your door a part of the art. Beautiful doors such as accordion sliding doors look amazing, whether they’re opened or closed. You can even make the glass be a part of the décor! Choose from different privacy and clear glass designs to personalize your office.

Get a cute rug

A colorful rug can ground your space and provide visual interest while absorbing sound. Multi-colored rugs can help you liven up the space while contrasting with other colored elements in your office, but you can also go for neutral rugs to keep it classy and sleek.

If your office space is small and you want to place a rug right in front of the door, you can go for a gorgeous steel sliding door at the entrance. These doors don’t need to be swung inwards or outwards to open or close; instead, they glide across a rail that’s attached to the ceiling. This helps you save plenty of space where you can place essential pieces of furniture!

Mix the old with the new

Don’t be afraid of mixing things up! Old and new styles for your décor can work beautifully if done the right way and can make your space look homey and personal instead of like a showroom. Pair some brand new modern chairs with monochrome pictures on the walls and a brightly colored Dutch door to get a combination of modern style with a Dutch farmhouse. These doors are great for people who have small children or pets at home that they need to keep an ear and eye on while maintaining some privacy and solitude.

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About the author

Kyle J. is an interior designer with more than 15 years of experience under his belt. He has helped countless customers across Georgia redesign their homes and home offices to make them more aesthetically pleasing and stimulating to work in. He often recommends they install doors from Pinky’s due to their high quality and an impressive variety of designs.