Care tips for different types of storage cabinets

Your home helps in keeping your near and dear ones together and organized. Similarly, storage cabinets within your property play a pivotal role in controlling all the necessary stuff in your house organized. Nowadays, most of us love to incorporate wooden storage cabinets within our home as they match the lavish interiors and increase the beauty and add value to our space. 

In addition to that, there is no single room or an arena within your home that doesn’t need cabinets. The demand for cabinets is even more in high-utility areas like kitchens and bathrooms; therefore, it is essential to learn how to take care of your cabinets. Maintaining your storage cabinets in the best condition will ensure that your home stays in the top shape, and you don’t have to worry about the repairs, dents, and mess. 

In this blog, we will guide you on cleaning your cabinets properly. So, let’s gather your cleaning supplies as you will have to undergo some innovative cabinet cleaning sessions this weekend.

How will you know your cabinets need some cleaning?

Well, that’s obvious as physicians ask for symptoms before recommending the correct remedy, even if you would only love to gather your cleaning supplies only if you need them. So, here are some of the most common indications that your cabinets are demanding some help for cleaning all the mess out there.

  • Spills and Stains: First things come. First, the best place to start for a cabinet cleaning session is your kitchen, as cabinets residing there have to face some severe wear and tear. Do you suspect some moisture, food, or grease on your cabinets? It is the right time for you to remove the stain and prevent it from transforming into a stubborn stain. 
  • Weekly cleaning sessions: If you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to see yourself spending an entire weekend wiping your cabinets with soap and lukewarm water, you will have to wipe your cabinets in and out every week. You can finish this process quickly, and you will have to also not worry about your decor and cabinets.
  • Season-wise cleaning: If you belong to a group of people who love to procrastinate things, you would definitely love to go ahead with cleaning your cabinets four to five times a year. Keep in mind occasional cleaning means you will have to spend a lot of time; therefore, plan accordingly.

Best Tips To Consider To Clean Your Cabinets

1: Installing proper cabinet hardware

Well, there is no doubt that most of us have knobs and handles attached to the cabinets, but in case you don’t have knobs or handles installed on your cabinets, you have to go with it to avoid greasy fingers from getting on the wood. In addition to that, cleaning a metal knob or handle is relatively easy when compared to wiping an entire cabinet. So, take a wiser move and don’t compromise with a knob or run for designs.

2: Provide room to cabinet shelf liner

In the digital age, you can find a wide range of cabinet liners out there in the market, which can help you in avoiding stains or spills in the cabinet interiors. A cabinet liner will play a huge role in preventing water from washed dishes from staining your cabinet or shelf. It is also highly recommended to purchase cabinet liners that have the properties mentioned below,

  • Wax and contact paper,
  • Plastic or laminated canvas,
  • Self-adhesive laminate floor tiles, and
  • Laminated paper.

You can also easily make your own DIY cabinet shelf liner by cutting out rectangular pieces from waste wallpapers present inside your house. 

3: Reducing water exposure or spilling

One of the most common reasons behind the deterioration of the wooden storage cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. There is no doubt that preventing water from falling onto the cabinets is impossible, so you can provide room for a water-based solution that you can use to immediately wipe your cabinets to prevent damage. You can also hang clothes over cabinets which will help you instantly clean the cabinets once they get into contact with water. 

4: Wax all cabinets

Apart from cleaning your cabinets regularly or following rigorous cleaning sessions, it is also highly recommended to wax your cabinets every six months to ensure that you can remove all the oil and grime with a single wipe. Apart from making cleaning easy, wax also plays a massive role in preventing the discoloration of the woods, which is quite essential if you have wooden cabinets inside your home. 

5: Using vinegar to clean cabinets

It is not the first time you are witnessing vinegar on the list of removing dirt as the ingredient has remarkable properties to remove hash dirt and grease, whether it is our skin or our cabinets. If you plan to have a complete cleaning session from in and out, you can take a spray bottle and add a mixture of vinegar and warm water in a 50:50 ratio. You can now empty all your cabinets, spray the mixture everywhere, and wipe it with a dry cloth after one or two minutes to remove stubborn dirt and grease. Keep in mind you will have to wipe the cleaning solution the right way, or it can leave an irreversible stain on the wall or the wooden cabinet. 

With these cabinet cleaning tips, you can maintain the kitchen in top-notch condition, and following these tips will help in maintaining your kitchen cleaner and newer. 

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