Duct Cleaning: Eleven Ways to Prevent Your Ducts From Contamination 

One of the major issues that air and ventilation ducts face is that they get contaminated. In addition to that, they might also get wet, which not only makes the contamination worse but also leads to more contamination. 

If your ventilation duct is wet, that means that more dust and debris can stick to it, which can be extremely problematic. Consequently, the ventilation system becomes less effective and may eventually even become counterproductive. 

That’s why keeping them safe against both getting wet and contamination do and should go hand in hand. 

Preventing Contamination 

You can either clean your ducts using basic cleaning techniques and procedures, or you can hire professional duct cleaners like Nettoyage Imperial to do it for you. In any case, making and maintaining your ducts free of contamination should be your first priority. 

Here are eleven safety standards and precautions you should know in order to prevent debris and dirt from contaminating your ventilation ducts:

  1. Use high-quality and high-efficiency filters. Always use filters that best fit your HVAC needs and are recommended by the manufacturer of your ventilation ducts. 
  2. Make sure you regularly change the filters of your ducts whenever needed. Also, take a look at the quality of your ducts’ filters, and see if they are high-quality. Consult your duct cleaner in this regard and change the filter if they need an upgrade. 
  3. The degree of frequency of changing filters should depend upon the extent to which your filters get clogged.
  4. Make sure the filters are perfectly fit, and there are no missing parts. 
  5. Make sure no air can bypass the filter’s gaps. 
  6. Ask your duct cleaner to always clean your drain pans and cooling coils. 
  7. Seal off your ventilation ducts whenever there are renovation activities going on in your house in order to avoid dirt and debris from getting inside the ducts. 
  8. Do not operate your HVAC during any renovation activities. 
  9. Make sure your duct cleaner, and even you, use HEPA while vacuuming your house because vacuuming can increase the concentration of dust in the air. 
  10. Run and maintain the operations of your humidifier strictly according to the instructions of their manufacturers. 
  11. Always make sure that your ducts are not wet and that your humidifiers are working fine. Humidity can not only make your ducts prone to more contamination, but it can also make the air more contaminated. 


Preventing your ducts from contamination of any sort is absolutely necessary. You should know about all the factors that can lead to or enhance contamination and fix them before they can ruin your ventilation system.