Hottest Bathroom Vanity Trends for 2022

The vanities are one of the major visual elements of your bathroom. Considering the fact that it is one of the most important areas of the bathroom, you need to make the right choice when it comes to bathroom vanity. The installation of right bathroom vanities will help to enhance the visual appeal. 

Many interior designers recommend using the right vanity that complements your entire household. Given below are some of the most important trends that you should be choosing:


Vintage designs are one of the major requirements. They can be easily incorporated in the household. A vintage style vanity is a major preference for people. Wood vanity can contribute to the complete vintage look. 

You should use wood in its natural form so that it adds to the beauty. Orange details also play an important role in increasing the appeal. You can also consider reusing old furniture or dressers as a vintage vanity. When you’re using old furniture you can easily convert it and mould it as per the latest designs. 


Most of the interior designing trends in 2022 focuses on natural and warmth tones. Nothing can be better than the addition of a natural vanity in your bathroom. You should choose cozy decor, and warm colour to contribute to the natural texture. 

You can consider adding warmth to the vanity of your bathroom. Lighter woods with plain grains can contribute to the warmth and beauty. If you want more depth, you should consider adding woods with some natural texture. 

Linear patterns are also adding up to the hype in 2022. The linear pattern can contribute to adding depth. Furthermore, it can also help to add softness and warmth to your bathroom vanity. 

Warm tones

There has been a major shift in terms of use of colours for vanity. Most people prefer warmer colours over the cooler colours. Gray is one of the most popular colour choices for bathroom vanity. You can also opt for warm gray or beige colours. 

If you’re preferring the installation of a warmer tone, you should also consider opting for wooden colours. Apart from that, off-white colours are also very much in trend. Yellow and brown undertones are also great options available. 

Some of the other colours to choose for vanity include deep, espresso brown. You can also opt for a marbled brown colour. 


Over the years, marble has remained the most popular choice for interior design. You can opt for marble vanity and countertops. It is advisable to choose a vanity that has lighter shares like beige, off-white and others. 

Gray vanity paired with marble countertop or backsplash can contribute to the entire beauty. Natural wood with marble can also be one of the most prominent choices. Apart from that, you can also opt for matte or warm-toned metallics. 

If you have fixtures in your bathroom, you should ensure that the colours and tones complement each other. 

The bathroom trends in 2022 are bringing a wide range of options for you. You can research about the different bathroom vanities in Sydney. Wellsons is one of the leading brands bringing the best bathroom vanity designs for everyone for bathrooms of all sizes.