Important Tips on Selecting Wood for Fence 

With a wide variety of options you have at your disposal for fencing your yard or the property around your home, the most popular option remains wood. 

The main advantage of a wood fence is that it offers better privacy at a very reasonable rate. Wood fences can also be strong enough to evade any sudden threats that can befall your property and will keep away trespassers to a great extent if constructed with diligence.

Wood fences can come in many price ranges. The most commonly used wood materials for fencing are spruce and cedar

Although fir and amber are also used widely, the durability and cost-effectiveness of spruce and cedar have made them the most popular among the other materials used in fencing. 

Usually, fencing wood is manufactured as pre-cut lumber for ease of handling and transportation from mill to consumer. Of the existing precut lumber in Quebec, the most popular one is Spec Wood precut lumber

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Advantages of wooden fences

The wood fences also have many other advantages over other materials used for fencing. 

Some of the advantages of wood fences are as follows!

  • They are affordable and budget-friendly. Wooden fences enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property while respecting your budget. On the other hand, a brick and mortar fence or chain cage fence will attract more expense if aesthetics have to be maintained. 
  • Wooden fences can keep off stray animals and trespassers. It can be altered and shaped into any design keeping in mind the level of security and safety needed.
  • The reusability and ease of maintenance of wood is major advantage. 
  • Wood material like spruce wood can be kept intact for many years without any damage whatsoever. 

These are some of the major advantages of wooden fences. Now, let’s discuss the types of wood used in wooden fences. 

The two most common species of wood used in building fences are:

  • Cedar.
  • Spruce.

Among cedarwood, the eastern white cedar is ranked as the most popular cedarwood for fencing needs. 

With the help of distributors like Spec, there is no need for further tensions and complications while selecting wood for your fence. 

All in all, durability and affordability usually don’t come in one package, but with the right distributor by your side, it is possible to get the best quality wood for your fence.