Is soft power washing worth the hype?

Earlier, the traditional method of cleaning the exterior of a house was getting rid of the pollutants and dirt using water at very high pressure. Many homeowners used to practice this very technique themselves. 

Eventually, the dangers of using water at very high pressure became evident: it did more damage than good. 

High pressure washed away the paint, sliced the concrete, and still couldn’t kill algae, fungus, and moss. So, the concept of high pressure washing the driveways, roof, walls, and windows made less and less sense to homeowners and professionals alike. 

That’s when the concept of soft pressure washing came into the picture. As the name reveals, this type of cleaning doesn’t require high levels of pressure, it’s quite the opposite. Water’s pressure is quite low in this cleaning method. 

Explore this quick post if you too have been giving it a thought to get your property power washed by professionals. You’ll be able to make up your mind sooner. Dive in!

The many benefits of soft washing

Cleaning oil spills and organic growth from concrete is very tricky. Similarly, cleaning windows on upper floors is beyond the expertise of a common man. Water at high pressure can damage the property. 

The soft washing technique focuses on tackling the problem (pollutants, oil spills, et cetera) while making sure that water doesn’t take away the good things (the paint and the strong concrete beneath the paint). 

Soft washing technique by professionals like Zachs pressure washing is clearly designed to ensure that no damage occurs. 

The quantity of water is very, very high and the water is loaded with very powerful detergents and solutions. So, instead of focusing on creating high pressure, soft washing focuses on using a high volume of water to clean the surface. 

Here are some noteworthy benefits of doing so:

  • Organic growth is irradiated entirely. So, it won’t be a recurring problem any longer. 
  • The results will last much longer and the property will look very new.
  • The driveways won’t be slippery. That’ll eliminate the risk of serious injuries. 
  • The windows will allow more and more sunlight to kiss the interiors of your house. It’ll keep the interiors free of moisture and you’ll have a germ-free hygienic abode.

That being said, you might now be under the impression that such services could dig a hole in your pocket. But that’s a false notion. 

The money you invest into professional cleaning is nothing in comparison to what you’ll have to spend to get the entire property repaired later on. 

In a nutshell, having reputable service providers like Zachs in your corner will save you a lot of money in the long run. You can check out their website to explore all the services they offer.