List Of Worst Toilet Brands You Should Check Before Purchase

When you are about to buy a toilet for your house, you have to be careful with the brands you choose because not all of them are good. There are good brands and worst brands and when you know which are which, and then it becomes easy to choose the toilet you want.

The brand you choose for the toilet can make or break the overall decor and build quality of your house. So it is important that you should stay away from the worst toilet brands that will not only ruin your toilet area but will also incur you huge loss.

Today we have come forward with a list of worst toilet brands that are available that you should check before you purchase a toilet for your house.

List of Worst Toilet Brands

Like other household items, toilets also serve as an important part and you can choose a product from a poor brand. Here are those brands you should stay away from;

  • Woodbridge

Woodbridge is a well-known toilet brand in America that has been producing different types of sanitary products. Despite offering a wide range of products, many customers have complained about the quality and after-sales service of the brand.

Many customers have mentioned that the manufacturers often send defective products to their customers. Moreover it is difficult to find replacement parts of these brands as most of the sellers do not keep them.

  • Toto

Toto is a multinational brand that has been selling top-end toilets in America for many years. They are known for bringing a lot of toilets integrated with modern technologies.

However Toto’s toilets are often criticized for inconsistent flush pressure and poor glass coating. Since Toto’s toilets are designed with future perspective, they often become impractical for daily usage.

  • Kohler

Kohler is one of the prestigious brands when it comes to toilets and they have a global presence due to their long range of products. Every brand has advanced with their design but Kohler has failed to do it.

Many users have raised complaints against the brand due to their toilet’s poor build quality. A large number of buyers have also raised concern over their poor finishing which degrades the overlook and durability of the Kohler products.

  • Swiss Madison

Swiss Madison is synonymous with high-end toilets but such luxury brands have many drawbacks. The brand emphasises more on the designs and looks of the toilet but when it comes to comfort that lag behind.

Given the price point, the seats are not at all worth in any way. Many users have mentioned that the seats are quite thin and it causes pain in the lower back when they sit there for a long time.

  • American Standard

American Standard is a legendary brand that has been selling toilets for more than a century. It offers all kinds of toilet types and has always treated their customers with new products. But there are many cases of misleading products by the brand and no replacement parts.