Some of the Biggest Red Flags for a Bad Real Estate Agent

Your real estate agent may not be to blame if your home does not sell. After all, August house sales were down by almost 40% from the previous August and are now far lower than they were during the housing boom. You may, however, assess your agent’s performance in a variety of ways. In this piece, we’ll take a look at what makes a real estate agent bad so that you don’t end up working with one. Here are the signs of a bad real estate agent for you.

Ineffective Communication Skills

If your real estate agent hasn’t spoken with you in the previous several weeks, you might consider finding a new one. Even if no one has requested a viewing of your house, or if your buyer’s agent hasn’t located any suitable properties, he or she should nonetheless be in contact with you often to keep you apprised of progress. The purpose of this is to keep you fully apprised of developments. After all, you undoubtedly think about your forthcoming real estate transaction on a near-daily basis; so, as an agent working on your behalf, your real estate agent should be keeping you in mind.

When a real estate agent agrees with you on every issue, it’s a red flag that they are more interested in pleasing you than in effectively representing your interests. Agents that aren’t eager to impress their clients will disagree with you on issues of importance. Insist that your real estate agent provide you the market analysis they utilised to set the price of the home you wish to purchase or sell. If the real estate agent you’re working with asks you what you think your home is worth and then promotes it for less than that amount, it’s a red sign.

Since your real estate agent is expected to be knowledgeable, you should look for one that will actively work to help you find a home and provide you guidance that is backed up by solid logic. However, your agent should be working for you, and they should always defer to your judgement.

Potentially Rich Areas

Most real estate agents will use all of the tools at their disposal to advertise your home to the public and find you a new home that is a better fit. Many real estate agents, however, will do nothing to promote your home and will instead rely on the efforts of other agents to bring you buyers. You may feel certain that if your house is on the market, your real estate agent will take professional images, carefully describe its features, and post the listing wherever it will get the most attention. Real estate websites, local newspapers, and door-to-door flyer drops are all potential venues for advertising the property for sale. It’s possible that a buyer will come along even if you don’t put in this extra work, but is it worth paying a fee to someone who may not even sell your house?

Extreme Force or Stress

Although you want a real estate agent with enough expertise to have an informed opinion and the confidence to (respectfully) speak it, you should be suspicious if you get the idea that your agent is attempting to lead you in a certain path. This should serve as a warning sign. A real estate salesperson has no right to pressure you into buying a specific home over others.