What is the best-LED color temperature for outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lighting can be used to improve the safety and aesthetics of your home as well as your outdoor living area. You will need to determine the color temperature you want to use to lighten your outdoor entertainment center, pool, or walkways in your garden or driveway.

What color temperature is it and how can you determine which one for your home?

This simple guide to outdoor lighting color temperatures is provided by LD Lighting. It will help you choose the right outdoor light color.

Which Color Temperature Is Used for Landscape Lighting?

The term “Color Temperature” is used to help those who are looking for outdoor lighting determine what type of color the bulb will emit when it is turned on. These colors are expressed in Kelvin (K). T The lower the Kelvin number the more warm the light is.

This is a detailed look at the color range scale for Outdoor LED lights.

Outdoor Color Temperature Ranges

2000K-3000K This temperature range produces warm, cozy white light. It creates a calm and intimate environment, which is ideal for outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens, and decorative outdoor lighting.

3100K-4500K This temperature range produces a beautiful cool white light. This temperature range is bright, vibrant, and helps to eliminate shadows. It also gives individuals a clear view of their surroundings. This color is ideal for lighting areas around stairs, sheds, and outdoor workshops. It keeps the light focused and encourages people to be attentive and alert.

4600-6500K This temperature range is similar to natural daylight/moonlight. It is clear and crisp, which helps to draw one’s attention to the central point and bring out detail. This temperature range can be used to illuminate areas around a garage or show off beautiful water features like a fountain or pool.

Which Color Temperatures should I use to display outdoor features?

It can be difficult to visualize what a particular temperature range looks like, especially if you don’t know that landscape lighting comes in different colors and temperatures.

We recommend keeping the 2000K-3000K range for outdoor features such as flower gardens, stonework, fountains, and statues. Although most of the warm light is best used in entertainment areas, stone has a cooler look and can create a sense of calmness.

We recommend against using lower light temperatures (e.g. 4600K-6500K) as this can cause a creepy and unsettling appearance to your stone.

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