Which is the Right Fit Among Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles?

Tiles are aesthetically pleasing and their durability is promising. But with so many types available out there, the decision always lies on you if you need to pick ceramics or porcelain for your renovation. You can only make the right decision if you have thoroughly researched both the types. Also, you need to understand the areas of application and what designs you want to have. Without enough information, no matter how amazing the tiles are, the decor will be ruined. 

In this article, you will get an overall idea of which tile to pick. 

Water and stain resistance capacity

  • Porcelain tiles are dense and non-porous to water absorption. They lie in the category of impervious tiles and absorb water less than 0.5%. These are the best to be used in moisture-prone areas. 
  • On the other hand, ceramic tiles have lesser resistance to water. They are porous and absorb more water. You cannot install them without proper grouting. 


  • Porcelain tiles are much harder due to its denser formation. These can sustain heavy usage over time and won’t get worn out. Hence, it can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes.
  • Ceramic tiles are not as durable as porcelain tiles. They are more versatile though. However, it is recommended not to use them in high traffic areas.

Easier to cut

  • As the porcelain tiles are much denser, they are more difficult to install. The material is difficult to cut through and lay out. Only professionals can carry out the process seamlessly. 
  • Ceramic tiles are less dense and hence cutting and shaping them becomes easier. It can be cut manually or with a snap cutter. 

Color and appearance 

  • Porcelain tiles are available in wide design varieties and you don’t need to settle with just one type. Appearances like marble, limestone, granite, hardwood are easily available in porcelain. 
  • With ceramic tiles, it is easier to create styles and designs. Although, they are more available in natural shades. Also, printing shades on them is relatively easier. 


  • Porcelain tiles are also very easy to maintain. You can wash them regularly to upkeep them. 
  • Ceramic tiles are also relatively low in maintenance. With simple mopping, dirt and dust can be removed. 

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