Will Quartz Worktops Increase Home Value?

Everyone has different house-buying priorities. Many prefer to start from scratch and construct a house to fit every taste. Some people would rather have a home that is already furnished and equipped. Finding the perfect house, from the area’s facilities to the neighbourhood, may be challenging. Whether or not the home is worth the asking price depends on its general condition. Fixer-uppers are appealing because of their low asking prices, but problems sometimes need further expenditures.

The most popular material for kitchen Worktops is Quartz. It’s durable, easy to clean, available in many appealing colours, and requires minimal care. It’s easy to see why these Worktops are so popular and beat out other options like wood, glass, and granite. Nonetheless, does quartz Worktops raise the value of a home?

Initial Costs

Quartz is a better bargain than marble, which costs $75 to $250 per square foot. Although it may be difficult to put a price on Quartz, quartz Worktops that have been properly cared for will certainly increase rather than decrease the value of your property.


A buyer of a well-maintained property will never have to consider replacing Quartz Worktops retain their pristine appearance even after years of use.

You may extend the life of your quartz Worktops by doing the following steps:

  • Don’t put anything hot on the Worktops.
  • Avoid permanent stains by promptly wiping up any accidental spills.
  • Use an oil-based cleanser to get rid of permanent ink or marker.
  • Place the cutting board on top of the Worktops when slicing or dicing food.

Profit potential

There will be a 4% increase in the value of the worldwide quartz market from 2019 to 2026 when it is expected to reach $13.61 billion. The value of your property will grow dramatically if the surfaces are adequately kept, thanks to the rising cost of Quartz. The global market for quartz tiles and surfaces is quite large. Homes with quartz worktops are in demand. Therefore, buyers are willing to pay more.

Simplicity of repair

Quartz worktops require almost little upkeep compared to other high-end options, such as marble or granite. Home buyers favour Quartz because it gives them nice-looking counters without too much work.

Classic allure

Homebuyers favour Quartz due to its attractiveness and durability, neither of which is found in any other worktops. Quartz worktops are seen as a necessity by many homeowners.

Quartz Worktops are only a good investment if (and only if) they:

Homes that are already furnished and equipped are more appealing to potential purchasers. To avoid spending more money than necessary, a buyer who plans to renovate the entire property probably won’t choose a home with nicer Worktops.

The quartz worktops complement your home’s design well. Quartz Worktops may add value to a property, but only if they complement the rest of the interior design.

Quartz Worktops come in many colours, but choosing them may make it harder to sell your home. Neutral-toned worktops will attract more buyers.

The most popular colours for Worktops are neutral tones that work well with various decor schemes.

  • White is the quintessential choice for a sophisticated and ageless style.
  • The colour brown works well in a variety of settings. This is a major selling point for potential purchasers.
  • Because of its neutrality, beige is a popular choice for kitchen Worktops.
  • As a sophisticated alternative to Quartz, black works beautifully with many different aesthetic preferences.

Your home’s value can also be affected by other factors:

  • No matter who you ask, the consensus is that a property with beautiful finishing will always command a higher price. Homebuyers watch for cabinet hardware, appliances, lighting, and appliance brands. If you want to increase your home’s worth by installing quartz Worktops, you should also update your other home’s fixtures to match.
  • The frequency you update and maintain your property also impacts its market worth. Be cautious to include in the cost of major improvements when estimating your home’s worth.
  • The quartz worth of your property might go up if you install new worktops, but it could go down if the rest of the house is in bad shape. A rundown, decaying house, even in a desirable area, will not sell for a high price.


Only if the Quartz Worktops and the rest of the house are in excellent shape will they add value to the property. Maintaining it will help you keep your money.