Basement Family Room Ideas for Your Arizona Home

Basements are many times the most neglected part of the home. Cold concrete and crammed with boxes of old appliances and forgotten things. One would think it’s the ruins of some ancient kingdom just waiting to be explored. No, it’s just your basement that needs some love and a little sprucing up.

The lower part of your home has a lot of potential, and you should treat it as you would treat any other room aboveground. You can turn it into the most popular spot in the house.

How to Start?

Before you turn the underutilized space into one that you’ll have a hard time leaving, here are some things you should get out of the way first.

  1. Plan your layout

There are many things to consider when you plan the layout. Check the room for the spots that get the best lights if you want to use it for socializing.

  1. Inspect and fix as needed before you start

Check the room thoroughly to make sure there aren’t rotting or moldy places in the room. You need to thoroughly inspect every corner before you put in anything new.

  1. Check the key elements the space needs

Do you need more headroom or more waterproofing? Get these things out of the way first.

Basement Family Room Ideas

Before you start decorating and remodeling, you need to decide what the function of your new basement would be. Is it a space to entertain guests, to enjoy time as a family, a playroom for the kids, or something else?

Even a general idea will help you make decisions quickly when you’re picking out stuff for your new space. If you don’t know where to start, we have some ideas for you!

1.   Grab Natural Light

Basements don’t usually get much light, making it look dreary. You can play tricks on the eye by layering the lighting. Use multiple layers of accents and add lighting in your basement like you would do in other rooms.

Use recessed lighting for your ceiling. It won’t take up much room and add light to your room. Keep the walls in a neutral shade. Use white and beige shades along with the right lights to make it look like a Scandinavian retreat. Pair it with a dark steel door to make it stand out more.

2.   Make It a Game Room

You can turn your finished room into a game room. You can entertain guests here as well. The whole family and your friends can play pool, watch the next Superbowl, or just play a game of monopoly.

3.    Open to the Patio

If you completely renovated your basement and it features a steel door with glass panes or a garage door, you can have a two-in-one entertaining space.

The door can link the indoors and outdoors. You can have additional space for entertaining or just relaxing.

4.   Turn It into a Home Theater

This is a common idea, but it looks so great that we just had to add it to the list. Basements are an ideal location for it.

If the basement has concrete floors? Even better. It’ll absorb the vibrations from the sounds. Employ a dark, sophisticated theme. Use black iron doors and charcoal couches.

5.   Install a Bar

Let your inner bartender out with the speakeasy-inspired basement. Art deco has made a comeback, so why not incorporate it in your basement?

Get in on the trend with the Gatsby-inspired room that’ll look like New York came to Arizona.

6.   Turn it into a Playroom

Are kids turning the house upside down? They’re children; they want to play and not pick up their toys afterward. You might be used to it, but it can get be embarrassing when guests come over.

Make your basement the dedicated playroom. You’ll have kids out of the way and more toy storage.

Sprucing Up Your Basement? Don’t Forget the Doors!

How can we forget the front of your house? Front doors play an active part in setting the tone for the interior of your home. If the front door is awe-inspiring and attractive, the rest of the house will look equally appealing, and vice versa. So, you need to be extra careful with selecting the right kind of door.

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