Importance of fire rated curtains

It’s a legal demand in numerous countries for the curtains when operating in contract curtain environments to be certified to have fire rated curtains standards.

There are companies who are working and dedicating to advance fire rated curtains technology and rising ways in which to safeguard life and property. Architects, Engineers and Regulators worldwide make a commitment from developing, testing and certifying the fire rated curtains.

These fire rated curtains are specially made curtains that descend from the ceiling to dam a gap and stop fire and smoke spreading between two areas. In larger structures, many fire rated curtains are used that divide the building into ‘fire compartments’ once there’s a fireplace.

This is known as compartmentation and may be an elementary component of passive fire protection in buildings. It helps to:

  • Provide time for people inside to get out of the area
  • Protect escape routes
  • Allow time for firefighting services to arrive
  • Protect property

Structure of a fire rated curtains

A fire rated curtain is analogous to a metal roller shutter in that it descends vertically because it un-rolls from a top box, but as a result of a fire rated curtain formed of a plain-woven fiber glass material, it is far more versatile and compact. This means a curtain will be additionally closely fitted inside an area and thus provides far better compartmentation.

The compact construction of fire rated curtains makes them a perfect alternative for lobbies, hatches and stairwells wherever there’s a restricted house. Once enclosed within the style stage of a building, they will be recessed into walls and ceilings, leaving a skinny slit because the sole indication that the curtain is there.

There are many forms of fire rated curtains:

  • Automatic fire rated curtains

Most non-static fire rated curtains are if truth be told automatic. they’re joined to the fire detecting device in order that they mechanically descend once there’s a fireplace.

  • Static fire rated curtains

It is conjointly known as mounted fire rated curtains; these curtains are for good in situ and area to offer compartmentation in open areas like warehouses or lofts.

  • Insulated fire rated curtains

These curtains offer further insulation and permit folks to move abundant nearer to the curtain while not being settled by the warmth of the hearth on the opposite aspect.

A fire rated curtain is employed wherever, if there is a fire in a place, it is necessary to make a brief barrier inside a gap that seals off the world lighted. The anti-fire curtains made from quality material descend and prevent any fire and smoke from spreading from one space to another. It conjointly permits folks access to protected escape routes with no loss of fireside resistance.

When searching to buy the fire rated curtains, go for a satisfying place along with the option that contains a versatile fire-retardant cloth along with versatility of patterns and themes, that’s wound around a circular tube. Upon receiving a symptom from the fire detecting device or on loss of power the curtain mechanically unwinds to its operational position.