Mistakes to avoid when building a log home

While building a house unintended or unexpected problems can occur at any time. Whether you are building a log home or a huge mansion, without planning and taking crucial considerations on the project into account it is impossible to avoid certain risks.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you avoid crucial mistakes when building a log home. Implementing these tips with proper planning and informative insight will help you produce the best results.

1.     Incorrect log placements

Despite being tough and rigid, logs are an organic material that must be preserved carefully to increase their longevity. Logs can hold or absorb moisture from the ground if placed too close. What is saturated ground due to rains or melting snow is not good for the logs held close to the earth as the moisture creates damage.

And therefore, a minimum 1 and a half feet of the distance is left for the first eLoghomes log cabins of the bottom row above the ground. This ensures enough protection for the log not to get caught up with moisture. Furthermore, an extra layer of water shield product can be added to the two or three most bottom layers of logs that prevent water from seeping in between the wood.

2.     Overhangs and gutters

You might have noticed large roof overhangs surrounded by a log home, it has great significance as it minimizes moisture contact. Getting oversized or larger roof overhangs will not only protect your home from moisture and is a safer option in the long run, as with undersized overhangs, you will be required to change them after a certain period of time.

Another big part is the gutters, larger gutters and downspouts are an essential element in a log home as they also play a major part to keep the moisture away.

3.     Balancing the wood aesthetics

The warm, rich, and elite look of the woods can trap you into going a bit overboard with the aesthetics forgetting about the quality. In a log home there is wood everywhere, making you a bit tired of looking at it.

However, balancing the aesthetics is in your hand and you can mix-match the decor pieces, including tiles and carpeting to complement the wood rather than making it look too much. You can also add countertops made of concrete, granite, or stainless steel to create a smoother flow that does not make your eyes tired of looking at the word all time.

4.     Untidy logs

Ensuring proper cleanliness of the logs before using them is an essential that generally gets undermined and overlooked. Logs generally develop a shiny covering over them known as mill gaze which interferes in the smooth finishing impacting effective adhering.

Improperly treating logs or not treating them at all causes insects and pests to make their homes on them and make them sustain more moisture. Logs must be kept clean and treated with water-proof substances to avoid mold, mildew, and rot to spread across them and cause damage.


While the construction plan of a log home is completely different from the floor plan of any traditional home, direct communication with the builder is non-negotiable. Planning the construction methods and techniques and the material used is how you can actively participate in the process throughout. Otherwise, many builders take advantage of your disinterest or lack of participation to chug you with a higher bill for a poor quality build.

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