Benefits of buying condos in Chiang Mai

Condo prices in Chiang Mai are much cheaper than housing prices in Mainland China, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Even it is cheaper than Thailand real estate investment. Chiang Mai is a large city with many foreigners who come here to have a good quality of life in Thailand’s green and cultural centers. This famous destination is attracting both retirees as well as digital nomads. There are several locations to shop, drink, eat, party, hang out. Besides this, you can enjoy the scenery of nature only an hour away. The main reason for investing in new condo development projects in Chiang Mai is to avoid the heavy crowd and traffic.

Facilities at Condo Chiang Mai-

  • Pools
  • Gym
  • Garden
  • Elevator
  • CCTV


How to buy a condo in Chiang Mai? 

Chiang Mai condo for sale market is growing rapidly in Thailand. It is said that the real estate market of Thailand is blooming due to Asian nationalist’s investments. You need to invest in the right property widely. Many local wealthy investors from Bangkok purchases the property at low rates and in less crowded areas, and Chiang Mai is one of the ideal places. As compared to Bangkok property prices here are almost half of the price. It is a big city and one of the cultural centers in Thailand. Chiang Mai is quite close to other Chinese cities where people may move to avoid Bangkok’s heat and congested roads. You’ll find many expatriates and retirees spending quality time here with their families and enjoying the rich cultural heritage.

Nationalities that invests in Chiang Mai 

Property buyers from the following Nations invest mostly in Chiang Mai condos-

  • Mainland China
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Retirees and the young crowd from the US, Australia, and Europe

Property prices are soaring high in the above places, so buyers find Chiang Mai properties way cheaper.

Where to buy condos in Chiang Mai? 

Nimmanhaemin – One of the hippest places in Chiang Mai where you can buy a condo is Nimmanhaemin. Nimmanhaemin condo prices range from 1000000-2000000 TBH or USD 30000-60000 for a 1bedroom condo unit. Prices start from TBH 3000000 or USD 90000 for two bedroom and bathroom condo unit. As this area is one of the most sought after prices of property can rise a bit.

Riverside condo –

Condos near Ping Rover offer great benefits as you can enjoy the scenery of mountains and rivers. Prices start at TBH 1250000 or USD 40000 for buying a 1bedroom condo unit at Chiang Mai Riverside. And 2bedrooom units with spacious bathrooms will cost TBH 4000000-5000000 or USD 120000-150000. This location of ideal for families as it is less noisy than Nimmanhaemin.


Foreign property investors consider Chiang Mai a popular place to buy a house especially for people belonging from Mainland China and Hong Kong. Although Bangkok is the best place for property investment, Chiang Mai shouldn’t be overlooked as you get condos at cheaper prices. If you buy a condo here, you’ll face no problems getting around in this place with the amazing scenery of mountains. This place is also connected to nearby provinces and has developments in transportation and infrastructure system.