TOP things you need to know before buying a sofa

Choosing the right sofa according to its price, quality and beauty is one of the most important decisions for the decoration of your home. What do you need to know before buying the sofa? Here are SEVEN tips not to get lost among all the offers on the market.

What will be the function of your sofa?

Assess the place and the function that the sofa will fulfill. It is not the same to assign it to a library than to the family room, nor to a visiting room than to a playroom. Depending on it, you should opt for more or less resistant frames and upholstery.

How to choose suitable size

Choose the best size depending on the space you have, the use it will have and the people in the house. For a few meters, light pieces accompanied by armchairs or auxiliary seats are great. For more meters, it is better to choose sofas in “L” instead of the typical 3 + 2 seats. You can also opt for sofas that are lengthened with a chaise longue. They are comfortable and provide extra seating. A comfortable backrest is mandatory, at least, 85-90 centimeters.

Measurements according to seating positions

Three-seated sofas are about two meters long. Those with two seats are between 1.65 and 1.80 m. The four-seated ones are suitable for rooms measuring more than 40 square meters. Keep in mind that the bottom of the seat and the backrest will be the ones that will give the impression of a larger or smaller size.

Will it be of intense use?

The use that you are going to give it is important to choose a decorative element. It can be cheaper and less durable (wooden frame) for moderate use and decoration, or more expensive and resistant (metal frame), if it is going to be a piece of furniture with a lot of use. Wicker Sofas are durable, lightweight, affordable, and comes with a variety of design, color, and shape.

Different padding for greater seating comfort

The filling of the cushions is also important. Foam, depending on its density, will take more or less to deform, feathers lose their shape soon, and most recommended, a mixture of feathers and foam or polyester fiber, depending on the type of seats. The individual cushions will give you a soft look. Feather cushions will need to be hollowed out almost every time they are used.

What color should you choose for your sofa?

Color is a very important choice. Practically all the decoration of the room will revolve around the sofa. You can add touches of color using colorful pillows and a plaid that combines with the rest of the colors in the room. Keep in mind for the upholstery.

Upholstery that make your life easier

Today there is a huge variety of upholstery to choose from – cotton canvas, chenille, synthetic fibers with stain-resistant treatments, leather, synthetic or natural. Almost all the sofas are removable, which allows you to wash the fabrics to have them impeccable. When choosing the material from which the sofa is made, you should take into account what care it will need.